Baby on Board (part one)


A year ago today, I found out that my life was changing in a way I often thought would never happen. I found out that after almost 5 years of infertility, tons of tests, medications, a surgery, and countless prayers, I was pregnant! And boy is there an interesting story behind it. Here’s part one:

So last August 27th, my husband and I both went out for a run at night. I went to a nearby neighborhood that has a good route and Jason went in the other direction for a longer route. I was having a good run and as I rounded the bend heading to exit the neighborhood, something insanely scary happened. Two large dogs came bounding out of a backyard towards me.

My first thought was “Ahhhh!! What do I do??”. I quickly tried to remember that episode of Bear Grylls’ survival skills show about dog attacks that I’d seen. All I could think of was to not act scared, hoping they’d sense that I wasn’t a threat. Unfortunately, the more aggressive dog still came after me, bit the back of my right leg, and knocked me down to the ground. So there I was, laying on the pavement, and the dog came at me again. My instincts told me to just kick the dog to prevent another bite and when it recoiled, I got up and ran off as fast as I could. It all happened so fast and luckily the dog backed off and didn’t keep chasing me.

I hobbled down the road and checked out the damage when I got home. There were two main punctures and I was bleeding pretty badly. (I’ll spare you that gross photo and just share the one below) Jason was still out running and I saw he’d left his phone at home so I did what any grown woman would do – I called my mommy. After talking with her for a minute and calming down a bit, I called the local emergency number. And living in a small town, the whole emergency crew came over in an ambulance, piled into my living room to check out the wound, along with some police officers who worked on writing a report. I got all cleaned and bandaged up, but they said I should still go to the nearest emergency clinic for further help. 


Jason came home soon after, missing the whole ordeal. He walked in and saw me on the phone (my mom wanted an update) with my leg bandaged. I filled him in and we hopped in the car. First we had to go back to the scene to meet with an officer and animal control who were scoping things out. They captured the accomplice dog but said that the aggressive one ran off. The owners weren’t home, so after answering some more questions, we headed off to the closest 24 hour emergency clinic.

We didn’t wait long and the nurses finished treating my wound which luckily didn’t need any stitches. It was well after midnight at this point but little did we know, the night was about to get extra interesting! The doctor came into the room to talk about a tetanus shot and antibiotics. He casually asked if I could be pregnant. Jason and I chuckled and basically said “Well, possibly! We’ve been trying!” The doctor then said that I’d need to take a pregnancy test just to see. I didn’t think much of it – I’d experienced several negative tests over the years, never receiving a positive, so didn’t have my hopes up. Plus, I’d been using HCG injections to help conceive so I knew that could totally skew the test.

The nurse took my cup of pee to the next room to do the test. Jason and I were waiting in the exam room, joking about how crazy it’d be to get a positive test under these circumstances. Then we heard the nurse next door giggling and sounding all excited. The doctor came back a few minutes later and announced that the test was positive, like it was no big deal. Jason and I tried to contain our surprise and excitement as he moved on to discuss the antibiotics and tetanus shot. We made sure he understood that it could be a false positive and that we’d been working with a (Napro) fertility specialist. So, he said to contact our doctor in the morning to have a blood test done to confirm or deny the pregnancy and get their OK for the tetanus shot. 


Meanwhile, the nurse came back into the exam room so we told her about our struggle with infertility and how huge this positive test was. She excused herself and came back a minute later with the test in a small biohazard bag, telling us to take it home in case it was THE test (so sweet!). So we headed home with a prescription and a possible miracle. Trust me when I say it was hard to get any sleep that night, wondering if the news was true!

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Baby on Board (part one)

  1. Wow! What an amazing story! How scary to be attacked by dogs while running…so crazy, but what wonderful news to find out you were expecting! How many couples find out together at the same moment?

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