Baby on Board (part two)


So first thing the morning after the dog bite, I call my doctor to tell them the situation. They are so excited to hear that we might be pregnant and send the paperwork to the local lab for a blood test. Thankfully, they put a rush order on it! I also got the OK to get a tetanus shot so I called work to say I’d be in late. We got to the lab first thing – on a side note, I’d been seeing one certain nurse there for a while when having my blood drawn for hormone level checks, so she was thrilled to finally take my blood for a pregnancy test! They weren’t sure if the results would come in that day, so we prayed and hoped for the best. 

I went and got the tetanus shot, had my prescription for the antibiotic filled, and headed in for my work day. My coworkers wanted to hear all about what happened and had printed out photos of puppies and put them on my computer to give me a laugh. It was SO hard to not mention the pregnancy aspect to anyone, but I made it through the day with our secret intact.

Jason and I had dinner and at that point, it was after business hours so we figured the news would come the next day. We settled in for the evening and it was almost 10:00 at night when my phone rang with an unfamiliar number from Austin. That’s where my doctor is located so I decided to answer, just to be safe. Ends up it was our Napro doctor (calling from home!) with the results because he couldn’t wait to tell us that my hormone levels looked good and congratulations, we were definitely definitely definitely having a baby! (yes, I’m a nerd and took a screenshot of the call to remember the moment!)

dr k call

It’s hard to explain all of the emotions that went through my body when Dr. K gave us the news. I was shocked, overjoyed, thankful, and honestly in disbelief that the time had finally come. Jason and I embraced each other and let our emotions catch up as we came to grips with the long awaited news we’d received. It was such a beautiful and unexpected moment that I’ll always cherish and think of on August 28th each year. I also find it fitting that this all happened on the feast days of St. Monica and St. Augustine as we remember a mother who prayed for her child for years, just as we had prayed for years for our future child.

PS: Some people were wondering about what happened to the dogs. Also I wanted to give a disclaimer that I don’t endorse kicking dogs, unless you’re fighting to get away from an attack! (hopefully that goes without saying) They did eventually capture the aggressive dog and quarantined them both to be safe since the owners didn’t have much of a record of their shot history. The aggressive dog didn’t even belong to the homeowner – he was just keeping it for a friend. Ends up they had a faulty fence door which is how they escaped. The accomplice dog was fine but unfortunately the other owner decided to put down the aggressive dog because it had a record of incidents like this. Yikes. And thankfully, the people were very apologetic and nice and compensated me for the medical bills. I still get freaked out when I run and hear dogs barking and I avoid that neighborhood for now, but the rest is history and now we have a sweet baby girl!

Plus we have a crazy story to tell – we felt like Pam and Jim on The Office who found out their pregnancy news at the hospital for Pam’s volleyball injury!

pam jim 2


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