Monday Morsels #1

I have a habit of bookmarking SO many things throughout the week that I want to share, so thought I’d start something called “Monday Morsels” to share the love. They could be anything from a recipe, sweet story, cool product, or piece of news. So here is the first edition of Monday Morsels!

-I love love love green chiles and really want to make this Hatch Chile Ranch Dressing.

-The memes with the hashtag #ThingsJesusNeverSaid crack me up! Here’s a funny little compilation I saw.

-Hate to say it, but it’s true. We all have those Facebook friends…

-Dear fellow Texans, look at the new Blue Bell ice cream flavor! I’m drooling. And suddenly craving Whoppers.

-Also my fellow Texans, please don’t ever make Homecoming mums like these. I’m pretty sure my mums from high school are in a bag somewhere at my parents house. But I don’t remember them being so out of control 10 years ago!

-A sweet post from my friend Lauren about the important things your kids remember.

-Speaking of kids, lets all stop and appreciate how cute this Little Rascals movie reunion is. I loved that movie as a kid!

-I wish I had SiriusXM so I could listen to Jennifer Fulwiler’s new radio show! You go girl, rock the radio!

Any interesting tidbits you’d like to share? Please leave them in the comments!


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