The Cookie Challenge


To make a long story short, earlier this year, I delivered some surprise cookies to my friend at work for her birthday. She shared them with her coworkers at the UNT Autism Center and they loved them. (yay!) Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when the center was planning their 2 year anniversary event and asked if I could make some special decorated cookies for it! They wanted some #2 cookies in the UNT colors and some puzzle piece cookies, the symbol for autism, in red, blue, and yellow.

I ultimately said yes but was hesitant because I had less than 2 weeks to plan, buy the supplies in stores and online, bake and cool the cookies, and mix and decorate 150 cookies. All while working. And caring for a 4 month old. Plus not ignoring my husband and my day to day responsibilities. I felt confident that I had the skills to make some awesome cookies but was pretty stressed about meeting the deadline with everything else on my plate and my lack of free time. I was so close to turning down the offer just to avoid the stress I knew would come, but something was telling me to go for it. I knew that it could give me some good exposure (maybe leading to future business!) plus would be a great challenge and opportunity to prove to myself that I could reach this big goal.

To be honest, there were several times when Clare got fussy, didn’t want to be out of my arms, or wouldn’t get to sleep at night, that I started to panic about all the work I had to do and felt the time ticking away. I had to do the bulk of my work while she napped or at night when she slept. I finished the final touches around midnight on Monday and luckily have an awesome husband who stayed up late and did all my dishes and clean up (without asking) while I went to bed. After work on Tuesday, I came home, packed up the cookies, and drove to deliver them. Luckily I didn’t hit any bumps in the road and the clients absolutely loved the cookies. I heard the next day from my friend who attended the event that they were delicious and looked beautiful, so I was beyond relieved to hear that!

Overall, it was a huge task and was definitely overwhelming at times but I’m SO glad that I took the challenge! I can honestly say that I grew in confidence with my skills as a baker. Plus looking back, I really needed that goal to strive towards in my life as a new mom. That might sound silly, but it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and lose your own ambitions while you focus on taking care of everyone else. Plus, I have some extra cookie dough in my fridge so it’s all a win!

3 thoughts on “The Cookie Challenge

  1. You’re my hero. I have two perfectly marvelous grand nephews who have Autism. They are brothers, but at times they seem worlds apart. One is high functioning in a Kindergarten class. The other sweetheart has a smaller vocabulary.
    I thank you for completing the cookie challenge. We all need to know more about autism. Please pray for these two darling little boys and for all those with autism.

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