Monday Morsels #3

Gosh, it’s been a while since my last Monday Morsel post! After Brittany’s funeral, I had a busy time at work plus various family and church events. I feel like I’ve barely had time to blog lately, but hopefully things are settling down for a bit. Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to lately.


My brother-in-law, Charlie, got married on the 11th! It was a lovely wedding even with the chilly weather that came through. Sam was a beautiful bride and I’m so excited to finally have a sister! Clare was well behaved through the wedding but then when it came time for pictures, she’d had enough of being outside. It made for some interesting family photos as you can imagine! The reception was great – there was a tasty meal, fun photo booth, and even a soft serve ice cream machine. (best idea ever) But I think that Clare was overstimulated from all the lights, sounds, and faces…she got pretty fussy so we had to play the baby card and split after cake cutting as the dancing was just starting.


Then on the 12th was our annual parish Fall Festival. They have all kinds of activities from midway games to auctions and bingo. We had a pumpkin patch set up which I helped with for a bit. And of course we had to take an obligatory fall family photo.


The pumpkin sales were actually a World Youth Day 2016 fundraiser. We took some photos of Clare with the pumpkins and one of them made it into the local paper! Our little girl is getting too famous already…

JRS 353

On the 18th, Jason and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! Did you know that the traditional gift for 6 years is candy? I didn’t, but was super excited to find that out and was surprised with a huge candy bar. We both had to work that day so didn’t really do much to celebrate besides enjoying some chocolate, kisses, and sweet family time together.


This past Saturday I went horseback riding for the first time. Which is pretty sad, considering that I live in the horse country of north Texas and they offer riding where I work. Not gonna lie, I was pretty terrified at first! I guess being on a huge animal with a mind of it’s own made me a bit nervous. We took a 1 hour ride near the lake and once I got over the initial jitters, I really enjoyed it and can definitely see why people love it. My horse Bailey was a sweetie and thankfully took it easy on this novice!

Now here’s some linkage to enjoy!

This mom is a breast cancer survivor but is often judged for not breastfeeding.

An interesting look at what French kids eat for lunch at school.

The inspiring story of my friend’s husband who turned his addiction around. And also her side of the story.

An article revealing why almost every newborn baby in the US gets wrapped in the same striped blanket.

Bluebell Ice Cream’s new holiday flavor. Yes please!!


2 thoughts on “Monday Morsels #3

  1. I love your blog and also the links attached. 🙂 The breast cancer survivor story was great and I am so tired of seeing people being judged by how they feed their babies. Thank you for sharing and I love your pics. Baby Clare is so stinkin adorable!

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