Monday Morsels #4

Hey everyone! Hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying this lovely month of November so far. Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to lately:


Hopefully all of you made your voices heard and voted in the midterm elections. I went ahead and early voted and Clare had her first voting experience. One awesome thing about living in a small town (besides no lines) is you’re likely to know the people running the voting location, and they’ll offer to hold your baby for a few minutes! Plus, they give her a sticker too.


Clare got to experience her first Halloween! We didn’t go all out and dress her in a costume this year but look forward to doing that next time around. She still looked mighty cute in her Halloween onesie and my mom mailed her a stuffed pumpkin that was mine as a kid. Can’t wait till we can take her out trick or treating and nab a few pieces of her chocolate!


We’ve finally gotten some slightly cooler weather here in north Texas. Clare isn’t sure what to think yet – all I know is she gets impatient with me dressing her in extra layers. I’m mostly excited to wear my tall boots again! But I still haven’t been able to transition from my iced coffees to hot coffee and tea…


Apparently when I was about 6 months old, I would chew on my grandmother’s chin. (I know there’s photo evidence – must get a copy of that from my mom!) It seems that Clare got my chin chewing genes because she sucked on my chin the other night, which I thought was hilarious. Until I looked in the mirror later and noticed she gave me a chin hickey! Oh the things you never expect to experience till you’re a parent…


Clare also turned 6 months on the 4th! Like all parents, I can’t believe how quickly things are going and feel like she was just born and brought home. I’m desparately trying to slow down and savor all the sweet moments at this age.


Speaking of growing too fast, Clare is already starting to crawl. At first it was sort of an army crawl where she’d pull her self around the floor. But she’s slowly getting the hang of it and will be super mobile before I know it. Now when I try to get a photo of her on the ground, she won’t sit still and immediately tries to crawl and grab the camera. I’m already finding her under the coffee table and trying to get into computer cords. Also, her first tooth has definitely broken through! She won’t let me get a very good look at it, but I can feel it for sure.

And now for some fun linkage:

I find languages fascinating, even though I only know English and a little Spanish. Check out this beautiful linguistic family tree.

As much as I love Gilmore Girls, I can definitely see how the show gives a flawed view of single motherhood.

I hope and pray that Clare isn’t a crazy picky eater like these kids. If so, Lord help us.

I try to avoid the cry room unless it’s really really necessary. Regardless, this list of what people are really thinking cracks me up. I’ll admit I’m guilty of a few of these already.

And finally, some dudes holding kittens. I want one! Of the kittens. Not the dudes. 🙂


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