Moving West

Life is currently in transition mode – it’s crazy, busy, but oh so exciting. For those who may not have heard, Jason has recently accepted the position as Director of Youth Ministry for the Fort Worth Diocese. This is a huge blessing for our family and I’m so proud that he got the job. I mean, I thought he’d be the perfect fit all along, but that partly wife bias. I could brag on about him and how hard he works and what he’s accomplished, but I’ll try to play my humility card and just say that I love my husband and know that he’s going to be great!

Alas, with the new position, we have to move to the wild west of Fort Worth. Aka Cowtown. Or Funky Town as I’ve also heard it nicknamed.

…and now I have Funkytown stuck in my head… Yep, that’s officially now the theme song for our move. “Won’t you take me to Funkytown?” Perfect. 🙂

First we had to work on things on the mortgage front, but now we’ve been in touch with a realtor and will start looking at some houses tomorrow. This will be our first home to own, so we are stoked! It’ll be so fun to decorate and truly make it or own.

But for now, the boxes are accumulating, the fridge/freezer are getting purged, and in less than a month, we’ll be leaving our beautiful community in north Texas and heading on a new adventure. Please pray for us during this time of transition!

Here’s the official announcement about the position being filled. I’ll be sure to keep yall posted as things progress!


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