Monday Morsels #5

With an upcoming move and the approaching holiday season, life has been a bit nuts. Regardless, Clare is growing like a weed and we’re trying not to get overwhelmed by the busyness but make time to savor the sweet everyday morsels.


We’ve started introducing a few solids but honestly haven’t fully dove into that realm yet. She likes rice cereal and applesauce for sure and next we’ll try some veggies. One thing I do know is that Clare likes to be in control. She likes to grab the spoon instead of letting me feed her. She was even double fisting it the other day!


One of my favorite things about the cooler weather is pulling out our set of flannel sheets. We were given these when we lived in Virginia and survived our first real snow storm experience (aka: Snowmageddon 2010). I look forward to using them every year because they are SO comfy! Clare agrees.


We’ve been tackling the packing process a little at a time. Once we officially know a move in date, it’ll be a lot easier to figure out what can be boxed now versus keeping out a little longer. In the meantime, Clare gets to enjoy box rides.


One bad thing about moving is having to find a new pediatrician – we absolutely love ours! Clare had her 6 month check up and continues to be super long and lean. She’s now up to 15 lbs, 2 oz and 26.5 inches long. She was cracking us up – she completely attacked the paper liner on the exam table and tore it to shreds. Christmas presents should be fun this year! She wasn’t so excited a few minutes later when the nurses came in with the needles…


Luckily I’ve had a few small pockets of time to bake the last few weeks. As a mom, I’m learning to tackle a little at a time. I made some of my favorite peppermint biscotti for a coffee and hot chocolate giveaway at church, plus some fall sugar cookies for a WYD bake sale this past weekend. Next up, I’m making some cranberry orange pecan bread that I’ve been craving like crazy. Also last week, I made a cake for my coworker’s 50th Birthday. Her sneaky husband planned a surprise party and asked me to make her a carrot cake. It was delicious and was definitely my first time making grey cream cheese frosting. Happy Bday Jennifer – you make 50 look good!


Clare and I were out shopping this morning and the stores were definitely busier with Thanksgiving coming up. Little girl usually like me to carry her while shopping but today she actually rode in the cart for the first time! Adorable. She just loves to look at everything and everyone, but I’m sure there are a few store tantrums in my future. This year I’m in charge of bringing rolls and pumpkin pie. Sadly I won’t have time to make rolls from scratch, but I’m trying a new recipe for the pie! I’ll make sure to share. 🙂

And now for some linkage:

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Yes, another video involving kittens. If only I wasn’t allergic to those cuties…


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