Monday Morsels #6

Hi everyone! So sorry that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth lately – I really needed to put the blog on the back burner for a bit with everything going on, but it’s great to be back!! Here’s what we’ve been up to since last time:


We celebrated Thanksgiving! Hope yall had a great one. Ours was a great day full of tasty food and fun time with the family. I made these mini pumpkin pies which were so cute and good! Unfortunately, Clare was having a horrible teething day so was fussy and grumpy most of the time. That tooth (on the bottom left – now formally known as the Thanksgiving tooth) finally broke through about a week later. It’s so cute seeing her little grin with two tiny teeth!


We had some sweet going away parties with our church family. The staff went out to eat at Hannah’s in Denton and had a wonderful time and an amazing meal. I had the pumpkin and poblano soup to start, then their proscuitto wrapped chicken breast with roasted butternut squash and ricotta manicotti in a brown butter and sage cream sauce which was to die for! Then for dessert, I had their carrot cake which besides being nicely garnished, was so moist and decadent. Clare enjoyed the carrot swirls and as you can see, completely destroyed my orange wedge.


Our parish also had a potluck dinner with live music and dancing to say goodbye to our family and welcome the new youth minister. It was a blast! You can never go wrong with a good old potluck – it’s always nice to taste a variety of dishes. Everything from lasagna to homemade tamales! We got to boogie with Clare and our fellow parishioners which was so fun. Clare partied too hard and fell asleep in Jason’s arms. Aww, their first father-daughter dance!

st nicholas

Clare got to experience her first St. Nicholas day! I’ve put chocolate coins in Jason’s shoes before just for kicks, but have looked forward to doing this fun tradition with kids! She couldn’t eat them yet but sure was intrigued by the shiny round things in her shoes. It’ll just get more and more fun as we go and she grows!


Oh and…we bought a house!! Overall the process moved really quickly and while we’re still unpacking and organizing the last bit of stuff, it already feels like home and we love our new home and the Fort Worth area.


However, it was pretty sad leaving our home of the last 4+ years. I looked at the empty rooms and it felt like we had just moved in, ready to start that new chapter in our lives. It was our first real home together. It was where I really learned to cook and bake. Where we laughed and had family and friends over. It was where we hoped and prayed, wondering if we’d ever have children within those walls. Then it was where we brought our baby girl home in May and started figuring out this beautiful crazy ride of parenthood. It was a beautiful chapter that I’ll always love and I can’t wait to see whats ahead in the next.

Now of course we’re in the thick of holiday season, trying to calm life down a bit during this busy time. We managed to put up a few decorations so far and love seeing Clare experience all that Christmas entails for the first time.

Now some linkage for your enjoyment:

Shiner beer has announced it’s upcoming Birthday Beer! It’s a limited edition chocolate stout and is definitely the one that brewmaster Jimmy told me was in the works back when I visited in 2011! I already have some recipes brewing – pun intended.

Warning – this IKEA holiday commercial will bring on some major mom tears.

Also, this holiday spot for Air Wick about a military dad who’s away from his wife and 6 kids really warms the heart.

What an amazing story about a discovered monstrance that is now being used in Baltimore. Gorgeous!

Any fellow Civil Wars fans out there? Check out this lovely duet by Joy Williams and Hayley Williams from Paramore. Sorry (not sorry) if it gets stuck in your head.

I want to make these chocolate pinecones ASAP but would have a hard time eating the beauties.


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