Monday Morsels #7

Hi everyone! I hope that all of you had a beautiful 12 days of Christmas and a Happy New Year too! Things have been fun and still super busy on our end but all is well. Our home is still continuing to come together nicely. Right now we’re waiting for some new furniture to be delivered and figuring out color schemes, possible paint colors, etc… So exciting but there are SO many options! Luckily I know we’re not going anywhere so should just take our time. And hopefully we’ll have a housewarming party and house blessing soon!


Our poor little Clare came down with her first cold. I’ve never experienced a sick baby before so had to get a crash course in cures for the little one. Luckily she’s 99% over it now and was in pretty good spirits the whole time, but I’m SO over the snot.


Jason had been training for his latest run – the New Years Double – which he also ran last year. This time, he ran a 5K followed by a Half Marathon both days. I’m so impressed by his hard work, ambition, and dedication especially since it was super cold and rainy on New Year’s Day. What a trooper. And he got a pretty sweet combo medal!


Since the run was close to my parents house and Jason had to be there super early, we stayed the night at their house the nights before. I got to wish my little brother a Happy Birthday in person, since he was a New Years Eve baby. (born 12/31/89 so he can technically claim he was an 80’s kid, haha) It was so nice spending that extra time with my family. Mom and I went browsing for some home decor and enjoyed a girls shopping trip with Clare in tow. Also, my mom makes the BEST black eyed peas for New Years. It’s one of those meals that doesn’t have an official recipe – she just throws it together every year and it’s always amazing. But we’re going to work on a recipe for the future! Clare was up till about 10:45 and I stayed awake till midnight. I still can’t believe we’re in 2015 already! It totally snuck up on me but I can’t wait to see what’s in store this year.

8 months

Clare turned 8 months yesterday – how is my baby 2/3 of a year old already?? I feel like this first photo sums her up perfectly. From the minute she’s awake, she’s such an adorable whirlwind! She has mastered crawling and is SO mobile now. Let the childproofing really begin! She’s figuring out how to pull herself up so now pulls up on ALL the things, from furniture, boxes, my leg, and pretty much anything she comes across. Makes a mom pretty nervous!

PS: Congrats to Brittney House – you’re the winner of the perfection baking strips giveaway! I’ll be in touch and send them your way!

Now for some linkage for your perusal:

Pope Francis gave us some beautiful New Years resolution ideas. Great things to strive for!

This deep reflection on infertility, miscarriage, Tolkien, and being consumed by desire. SO GOOD.

I totally want to try this recipe for smoky black eyed pea and sausage soup by one of my favorite food bloggers, Homesick Texan. Yum!

I love this dad’s illustrations for what his daughter says. How creative and sweet is that?

Any fellow fans of the show LOST will enjoy this humor. Not Penny’s boat!

A wonderful reflection on our children’s future spouses. Made this mama tear up!


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