Our Empty Upstairs


I love our new home. Like I’ve mentioned before, we recently moved due to Jason’s new job. House hunting was so exciting and I felt all grown up and responsible buying a house and having a mortgage. (yay mortgage?) We looked at a few styles of homes in the neighborhood and were a little underwhelmed to be honest. None of them quite had the layout and feel that we wanted.

There was one last house available to see that wasn’t originally on our radar because it was a two story and we were only looking for one stories. But, we figured it couldn’t hurt to look! The way to best describe it was – when we walked in, it felt like home. Our realtor (hi Sharon!) could tell right away that we loved it and weren’t just setting for something we halfway liked or had the “we can make it work” attitude about. We could truly see our family living here and after double checking our budget (it was a little more than we’d wanted to spend) we decided that it was the home for us. Now here we are, all moved in and absolutely loving it!

With all of that said, we have 3 people living in a 2,700+ square foot, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house. Sure, we’re planning to live here long term, but I’m sure it seems a bit crazy to some that we have so much house for such a small family. Honestly, our whole upstairs isn’t even being used. While this might seem frivolous or wasteful, I’ve come to see it as hopeful.

You see, we’d love to fill those rooms with children. We’d be thrilled to have little ones running up and down the stairs, having their friends over for sleepovers, playing games in the loft area above, heck, maybe even sharing rooms if we’re blessed with that many kiddos. We’d love for our home to be full of people, full of fun, full of faith, and bursting at the seams with love.

But at the same time, I know that we only have one child. It took us 4 years to have her and we have no idea what our fertility will be like in the future. While that huge question mark is a little daunting, it honestly doesn’t worry me like it used to. I have faith, trust, and hope that our rooms will be full in one way or another. Whether we end up adopting, fostering children, or have more biologically, I know that our upstairs won’t be empty for long.

…and hey, we also have a guest room, so yall come visit.


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