Busting Your Baby’s Cold

cold buster

Clare recently had her first cold and to be honest, I had no idea where to start with treating a baby! After seeking advice from moms and Google, I got the hang of it, found out what was safe, and busted that cold in no time. So in case any fellow new moms need the same help I did, here’s a list of the products and tips I used to get my baby girl back to good health.

Feel free to leave any other helpful tips or products in the comments! I know this won’t be the last time we face the common cold so any other advice would be appreciated!

  • Baby Vicks is one of my new official favorite things. My mom has always been a huge Vicks fan and this was the first thing she suggested. But make sure to get the baby version – there are studies that the regular kind is harmful for little ones. To be honest, I love the smell of the baby kind even more than the regular! It has a combination of rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus that is so refreshing. Rub some on baby’s back and chest, especially before bed, to help soothe them. And maybe a little dab for mom too! (PS: I bought the Walgreens version which is exactly the same as the name brand)
  • A vaporizer with essential oils was also helpful at night to help us relax and open up the sinuses. We used the doTERRA Breathe oil since that’s what we had on hand, but I know there are other brands/types that would help too. (I’m a total newbie when it comes to oils, so feel free to educate me!)
  • Besides regular tissues, we also used Boogie Wipes to wipe away the snot. They are super gentle on baby’s face and also contain saline which helps to dissolve all the boogies.
  • Speaking of saline, using some saline spray/drops can really do the trick with breaking up and flushing out snot. I’m 99.9% sure that NO babies enjoy using this, but it helps oh so much!
  • Along with the saline (or on it’s own) definitely use a snot sucker of some sort to get the congestion out of their poor little nose. There are so many kinds of nasal aspirators to choose from – we use both the Nose Frida (not as gross as it seems, I promise!) and this Safety 1st Bulb that is easy to clean since it comes apart. Likewise, I’m sure that no kiddos enjoy these but they truly help!
  • If you want to buy actual medication for your little one, I highly recommend Zarbee’s Naturals. This type is all natural, made for babies 2 months and older, and really helped with both the mucus and cough.
  • Of course a thermometer is important to have in general but it’s definitely a must to make sure your little one isn’t running a fever since that’s a sign that it’s more than just a cold and a doctors visit is likely needed. Any kind will do, but this is the nifty infrared thermometer we were gifted that’s really easy to use.
Along with these items, you’ll need some ninja mom skills (not available at the pharmacy) to tackle a wiggly baby who doesn’t want a tissue anywhere near their nose. The main thing that helped us was playing with the tissue a little and keeping calm, then sneakily wiping away the snot. Other important things, for babies and grown ups alike, are of course to stay extra hydrated and get plenty of rest. Also, baby might need to be elevated to help with the drainage. I had Clare nap up on my shoulder and I tried to keep her head elevated a bit while nursing since she had a hard time breathing while eating. Plus make sure to give them lots of extra snuggles! And moms, make sure to keep yourself healthy too and maybe enjoy an Orange C-Booster, which is my favorite treat when warding off the sniffles.

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