Monday Morsels #9

Hi everyone – hope yall have been doing well and had a wonderful end of January. How is it February already?? Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…which is basically the March for Life edition of Monday Morsels!


Like I mentioned last time, we made a trip to DC for the 2015 March for Life. Clare flew like a champ, which was a relief for mom and dad! And for the surrounding passengers I’m sure. Thanks to all the people who gave us tips for traveling with a baby. It was much easier than I anticipated. She slept through most of the flight there (one perk of the early flight time) and then on the way home, she was awake most of the time but wasn’t fussy or loud at all. She just had a TON of energy so I was very happy to have Jason’s extra set of hands.


This year, we stayed with our family in northern Virginia rather than the pilgrimage group from our diocese. It was so nice to spend that extra time with them and since this was our first year with a baby in tow, it was great getting to go at my own pace. Aunt Linda and Leah took us for a girls coffee date at a local place called Cervantes Coffee which roasts their own beans, has a cute cafe, and makes a killer peppermint mocha. We also got to visit Clare’s great great Aunt Judy in Maryland who I hadn’t seen in a long time.


I didn’t get to attend the Vigil Mass for Life at the Basilica this year because it’d be way too much to do with Clare, but we did get to the Mass for Life at the Verizon Center the morning of the March. It was massive and wonderful and had this amazing homily about choosing life under difficult circumstances.


Then we headed over to the mall to begin the march. Clare was a bundled up fluffy pink bear (someone seriously asked if she was a real baby) and luckily the weather, though cold, was the most beautiful I’d experienced in years. There was well over 500,000 people there – I actually heard it estimated at 650,000! As always, the march was a truly joyful expression of the gift of life that we fight to defend. While yes, we are there to protest, it is a demonstration that is full of love because that is how the tide will truly turn in this country. Changing laws won’t solve everything – we have to change hearts and minds and make abortion unthinkable.


After the march, we visited the Basilica while we had a chance. It was so special to stop and pray as a family in our special spot where we became engaged years ago and had prayed for several years that we’d be blessed with a child. God’s timing is always perfect.


While in town, I also got to meet up with an old friend for lunch. It was awesome finally getting to meet her husband and kids and get to catch up on the last several years. It seems like just yesterday we were teenagers in youth group and now we’re both married with kids! Also, her husband is one who does the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is so very impressive and admirable.


Now fast forwarding into February – yesterday we went to my parents house to watch the Super Bowl! I honestly didn’t care who won the game and probably watched more commercials than actual football, but we had a great time and nobody went hungry, that’s for sure! Our major food groups were meat, cheese, and carbs. Clare was full of energy all night and we all had so much fun playing with her during the game. My little brother snapped this sweet photo of Clare and me chilling on the couch.

Now for some linkage for your enjoyment:

Any other former colorguard/winterguard folks out there? This color guard concert sounds amazing!! Wish I could go.

Though I haven’t adopted (at least not yet) I can totally relate to this blog post about how becoming a mom changed her view on infertility.

Space study is fascinating – this NASA image will make you feel absolutely tiny.

Whoa. That’s some impressive religious Lego art!

I had NO idea that the 90’s song “Closing Time” was actually about having a baby! I’ll never hear that song the same again.


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