Monday Morsels #10

Hi friends! Hope that all is well in your world. Things have been great on our end the last few weeks but today I’m feeling a little under the weather. Here’s hoping it’s nothing more than the current bipolar Texas weather that’s effecting me. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately!


Jason was invited to speak at the local Theology on Tap meeting for the young adults in the diocese. I hadn’t been totally sure about going along, since it would mean bringing a baby to a bar, but decided to live a little and go support my man. He spoke about the theology of love and did a wonderful job, though I have wife bias. It was a great gathering and was fun to be around other young adults, have a beer, and join in some fellowship. Plus we were in a private room so the environment was perfect for bringing Clare, who was a little angel all night.


Speaking of baby girl, she turned 9 months!! It’s so crazy that she’s now out longer than she’d been in. Her check up was smooth sailing (no shots, yay!) and she measured just under 17 pounds, almost 28 inches long, and is thankfully healthy as can be.

park pics

We had a fun play date recently with a friend who, since we moved, is only 10 minutes up the road now. Her little boy is just a week older than Clare and is such a cute and fun little guy. We also had a nice stretch of gorgeous weather so Clare and I took full advantage and went on walks and visited the neighborhood park almost every day.

paint prep

For St. Valentines Day, we simply enjoyed a nice day at home. Grandma took Clare out for a bit so Jason and I tackled the project of painting two accent walls. Clare helped daddy with the painters tape and loved the plastic drop cloths of course.

new paint

Our dining room is now a beautiful blue and the entry hall is now a grey/beige color. Our next projects are to finally hang things on the walls and add some backsplash in the kitchen. Yay for home improvement and decorating! Then that night we had a delicious home cooked dinner of bacon wrapped filets, mashed potatoes, and salad. Plus a decadent chocolate cake made with Shiner beer. (recipe coming soon) Then hubby did all the dishes and clean up, which is the definite way to my heart.

Aaand now I apologize, but this lady is going to call it a day and try to kick this sickness I’m starting to get. So no linkage this time! But I’d love to know if yall did anything fun for Valentines Day? Make any tasty treats or go on a special date? Leave me a comment! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Monday Morsels #10

  1. Thanks Janie! I’m absolutely in love with the blue wall – it’s exactly what I wanted! Can’t wait to start hanging pictures and agree, I’ll have to get a print of that one soon! 🙂

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