Monday Morsels #11

Hi everyone! Hope that all of you have been doing well the past few weeks. We’ve been busy as ever but all is well. Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to since last time!


There were a few rounds of snow and ice here in north Texas recently that made for some fun family days together with offices being closed and roads unsafe to drive on. We used this time to tackle some projects around the house and just enjoyed the cozy hibernation. Clare saw some snow while we were in DC but didn’t really get to be outside in it till now. Our little polar bear loved it!

Jason had a trip to Poland planned last week as a “familiarization tour” in preparation for our diocesan World Youth Day pilgrimage next summer. The timing worked out perfectly because it was the same week that my mom had off for Spring Break at her school so us girls made plans to spend the week with my family. Unfortunately, Jason didn’t make it to Poland after all. Long complicated story short, his flight to JFK was delayed which caused him to miss the flight overseas. He tried countless things to get there, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

spring break

So he headed home the next day and got ahead on other things while Clare and I still spent the week away. We went shopping, had a lot of play time at home, and even went to a ‘Mommy and Me’ play group where I ran into my old friend Heather and her little girl. I took Clare for a walk around the neighborhood I grew up in and told her all about my memories there. We also got be with my dad on his Birthday and made some homemade pizzas and apple squares (awesome family recipe) for dessert.


On Saturday we were invited to a local parish to attend a lunch and concert by our friend Michael James Mette. It was a potluck with lots of authentic homemade Mexican food (tamales are my weakness) and I finally tried horchata for the first time. Yum!! Then we got to hang out with the awesome group of youth and Michael’s sweet wife and kids. Plus we got to see their family tour bus which was really neat. We had to leave after sound check but it was such a blast. And it was a nice evening so Jason grilled burgers for dinner and we got to enjoy some fresh air.


Then today Clare and I went to Dallas for a play date and lunch with my dear friend Mary Pat. She was actually born on St. Patrick’s Day (hence the Pat) and had bought some festive little hats which we just had to take some pictures with. Good times! The kids played really well together and even got to enjoy some swing time outside on this gorgeous day. It’s so fun seeing our kids grow up together, even if it’s going way too fast.

PS: taking selfies with babies can be a real challenge!

And now for a little bit of linkage:

This adoption story video is beyond beautiful. Grab some tissues!

This mason jar cocktail shaker is the cutest and oh so Southern.

I want to work at a hotel again so I can do something funny and awesome for a guest like this concierge team did. Hahaha.

Mary and Nutella in the same story. Who knew!

Some super creative thinking about branding and food. iMilk and Cartier Coffee?


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