Monday Morsels #12

Happy Easter Monday! He is risen! I hope that all of you had a wonderful Holy Week and beautiful Easter Sunday. Sorry I was MIA for a little bit – Clare and I both caught a nasty cold last week and then with the busyness of the holiday, I decided to put the blog on hold till things got back to normal. Luckily we’re at that point now! So here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

fish fry muenster

We were invited to a fish fry over at St. Peter’s in Muenster which served as a World Youth Day fundraiser for their parishioners who are going next summer. The people were so friendly, the food was delicious (I’m a sucker for fried catfish and hushpuppies!), they had an awesome silent auction, and served over 500 people total! Their parish actually has the most people going to WYD in our whole diocese and they’re doing such a great job preparing for the pilgrimage. Also while there, Clare tried her first lemon – it was pretty hilarious!

baby shower

My cousin in law is having a baby girl soon and had a lovely baby shower. With family, friends, fajitas, and frozen margaritas, needless to say it was a great time! I can’t wait for Clare to have another little one to play with in the family. I also made some decorated sugar cookies for the party favors in the shower colors of pink and grey with a monogram “H” for baby Harper. Clare partied hard and had a lollipop to keep her entertained while gifts were opened. It made for a happy, sweet, and sticky baby!


I love Holy Week so was pretty bummed that I had to miss mass on Holy Thursday due to that darn cold we had but offered it up. Luckily we were well enough on Friday to go to church that evening for the veneration of the cross and holy communion. (the cross at our parish even had a relic of the true cross within it!) Clare was quite the trooper even though things went way past her bedtime. Also Jason was off work so it was really nice to have him home and incorporate some special prayer time throughout the day as a family.

clare bunny

Since we aren’t quite at the point where attending the Easter Vigil is doable, we decided to wake up early and attend the 7 AM Easter mass to beat the crowds later in the morning. Despite the sleepiness, it was well worth it even though that mass was still pretty packed! I loved dressing Clare in her pretty Easter dress and celebrating this joyful day with her for the first time. Easter hymns are some of my favorites and of course I jammed out to Matt Maher’s “Christ is Risen” which is my annual Easter anthem. Then we went home and since we gave up sweets/desserts for Lent, I’d made some homemade cinnamon rolls to get the holy day started! Along with that, I also made some lemon bars and Jason stocked up on some candies, ice cream, and even bought some special raspberry gelato for me. He’s a keeper!

easter 2015

Then we headed over to my Aunt’s house to celebrate Easter and some March/April family Birthdays too. We enjoyed a delicious meal of ham, potatoes, roasted carrots, salad, green bean casserole, rolls, and had a variety of desserts to finish the feast. Clare sported some pink bunny ears and got some fun Easter basket treats. Plus our new family tradition of playing Bingo has continued and made for some hilarious and entertaining moments.

So now we continue to celebrate the octave of Easter and get ready for Divine Mercy Sunday! And on to some fun linkage for your enjoyment. 🙂

A sweet poem by my friend Lauren that makes me want to stop and sweep my porch.

Some tips for drying herbs in the microwave. If you’re into that sort of thing.

What a beautiful thing. Way to go Sweden – I wish we had paternity leave options like you do!

Another lovely photo series featuring moms with their one day old babies.

Hahaha, this really makes me want to order an “Ariana Grande” and see what happens!

I saw this article floating around and loved it. Penguins are my favorite, but then add a sweet old man and tiny sweaters and I’m a goner.


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