Monday Morsels #13

Hi everyone! Hope that all is well in your worlds – we’ve been enjoying life as usual and loving the spring weather (even the storms) here in DFW. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to lately:


Clare and I went on a little road trip up to our old stomping grounds of Pilot Point to visit some friends. While we were there, we just HAD to stop by Texas Tulips – the new tulip farm in town and actually the only tulip farm in the Lone Star State! We went toward the end of the season so it wasn’t in full bloom, but was still spectacular. You can pick your own for $2.50 a stem and it’s a perfect spot to snap a few spring time photos. So we did! Clare was very intrigued and would’ve plucked every flower if we let her. I’d love to go back again next season!


Jason helped with the annual Youth 2000 retreat in Fort Wort and Clare and I went to visit for a little while on Saturday and Sunday. It was great to see some different youth and volunteers that we know, plus it’s always awesome seeing our beloved CFR brothers and sisters. Especially Sister Gemma who we knew before she became a sister! We also got to know Sister Francesca who adored Clare (and vice versa). Clare was fascinated by her rosary and kept kissing the cross. Too cute!


We’ve had some stormy weather this month but are always thankful for the rain when we can get it. But in between, the weather has been gorgeous and not too hot (yet) so Clare and I have been enjoying lots of walks around the neighborhood and visits to the park. We’ve also ventured over to the pond in the neighborhood that has ducks – can’t wait till Clare is a little older and can feed them! For now she just enjoys watching them waddle by. We’ve also found some beautiful wildflowers that were just asking to be picked and brought inside for some extra spring time color!


Lastly, my Uncle and Aunt from Minnesota came down for a visit so we had a family shindig this past Saturday to spend some time with them. They brought Old Dutch potato chips (do any of yall understand their deliciousness?) along with some homemade Bloody Mary mix (oh my yum) and pickled vegetables of sorts. Gotta love special gifts of food and drink! We had a great time visiting with them and catching up a bit. My dad grilled and used his new smoker to cook a feast of meats along with all kinds of side dishes and desserts that were brought. It was delish! Clare also got to sit on my dad’s tractor for the first time which was so adorable.

Now for some linkage – enjoy!

Junk food plated like high end cuisine. So creative!

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Some seriously awesome Texas products! Sorry (not sorry) for my massive state pride.

I loved this post about finding hope and seeing the silver lining when things get hard to bear. Like after you’ve been robbed. Ugh. Been there unfortunately.

And in honor of Infertility Awareness Week, a touching article about being open to having children and saying yes when the answer is sadly no.


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