Peachy Keen Mojito

peachy keen mojito

Recently a neighbor mentioned that his peach tree was overflowing with perfectly ripe fruit and was willing to give away his surplus before they went bad. You better believe that I ran over ASAP and filled a bag with the most delicious peaches and had big plans for them right away. We ate some fresh, froze some for later, and I turned one into this amazing mojito.

After a long day and an epic bedtime battle, I thoroughly enjoyed this peachy keen drink after baby girl was finally asleep. The sweet peach paired perfectly with the lime and fresh mint. And the rum of course. I used a fun cocktail glass but a Mason jar or tall Collins style glass would do the trick too. I’ll typically muddle the fruit, mint, and lime right in the glass but feel free to do it in something else if needed. Turbinado sugar is my favorite to use for mojitos but regular granulated sugar works just fine so long as you stir till it’s dissolved. It’s honestly easy to tweak the recipe depending on what you have on hand (like you can use Sprite instead of club soda) but just make sure to have one of these in hand while peaches are still so fresh, ripe, and juicy!

Peachy Keen Mojito

1.5 oz white rum
1 small peach, skinned and sliced
5 fresh mint leaves (give or take)
Juice of 1 lime
1 tsp sugar (raw turbinado sugar if possible!)
Club soda
Extra peach, lime, & mint for garnish (optional)

Yield: 1 drink

In a large glass, muddle the peach slices, mint, lime juice, and sugar. Then add the rum and fill the glass with ice. Fill the rest of the glass with club soda and gently stir to combine. Garnish if wanted and enjoy!

Source: Slightly adapted from Cookie and Kate


6 thoughts on “Peachy Keen Mojito

  1. When you say you “muddled” the ingredients together, does that mean you used a blender or food processor? This looks delicious, so I’d like to get the consistency as close as possible. Also Becky, about how much lime juice did you use? The mint is so perfect with the mango—I don’t want to overpower such tastiness!

    • Great question! You can “muddle” or mash the ingredients right in the glass or in a separate container. It’s best to use a traditional muddler or you can always use a spoon or other kitchen object that will safely mash them. You don’t need to puree the ingredients, just mash them into smaller pieces and let the flavors mix. I used the juice of one small lime which would be about 2 Tablespoons max. You can always start with 1 Tablespoon and add more if wanted, depending on the flavors you prefer. Hope this helps!

      • These Mojitos turned out superb! Thank you so much for your fantastic advice and this recipe! This drink has been a little sip of paradise, and the guests I have served it to reported nothing but enjoyment from the unique freshness in these ingredients! Thank you, so much, Becky!

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