Monday Morsels #17

Howdy everyone – hope that all of you are doing great! How is July already coming to a close?? It boggles my mind. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to in the last few weeks.


Jason planned and led his first DCYC event (Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference) since starting his new position. He put SO much time and effort into making it amazing and from what I’ve heard, it rocked. The theme was “Catholic: Know, Love, Serve” and the keynote speakers were Chris Padgett and Sister Mary Madeline from the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in Nashville. We picked up Sr. Mary Madeline and Sr. Bernadette Marie from the airport and took them to dinner at Buca di Beppo which was a blast. They’re such beautiful women inside and out and have some amazing stories. Plus it’s always fun hanging out with nuns in public – we joked that other folks probably thought they were part of the whole restaurant theme!

dcyc hotel

Jason was crazy busy with the event all weekend so Clare and I had some fun mother/daughter time together. We met up with him after the event ended and all stayed the night at the host hotel. One nice perk of being married to the conference leader is that he was upgraded to a sweet suite! I was pretty excited but Clare was very fascinated by the new surroundings. Especially the huge bathroom! So we pretended to be fancy for a bit and enjoyed some family time together while we could.

summer visit 2015

Because the next morning…Jason flew out to Ohio for the back to back John Bosco and Steubenville conferences! All went well with him there and while he was away, Clare and I got to spend the week with my family. My mom works at a school so darn, we just had to go play with her while hubby was away since she’s off for the summer. (sarcasm) The week flew by and we all had a wonderful time. We went shopping, played a bunch inside and a little outside, and even went through some boxes that were in my old room. That was a funny walk down memory lane AND I rediscovered a giant bin of Beanie Babies from the collecting days of my youth. PS: Does anyone want to buy some Beanie Babies? We also went to some thrift stores with my Aunt Hildie and found some great future clothes for Clare plus a bunch of cute $2 dresses for me. Score!! And yes, that is a photo above of Clare holding a bra. She snagged one off the shelf at Kohls when mom and I weren’t looking and held onto it the whole time. It cracked us up! Too soon Clare…too soon.

1 year Brit

On my way from the Dallas area back to Fort Worth, I decided to stop by the cemetery to visit my dear friend Brittany’s grave. It was on July 19th which we always celebrated as our “middle” Birthday since mine is on June 18th and hers was on August 20th. It’s the little quirky things like that that I miss so much. I was reflecting on how it’d been almost a year since I saw her in person for the last time. Hard to believe. It was last summer when I spent time with my family again while Jason was out of town for school. They came over for dinner, Brit and I had on the same skirt, and both our kids were dressed in blue and white gingham. If only I’d known that’d be our last visit, I’d have hugged her longer and harder. And then never let go. But regardless, it was nice to spend a little time where she’s been laid to rest and I plan to do so more often. Miss you bunches, Brit.


Now back to the regular day-to-day stuff… Clare finally had her first dental appointment which started out nicely with fun waiting room toys and The Little Mermaid playing on the TV. (my personal Disney fave) But then came the exciting exam…I’m so thankful for kind and patient pediatric dental employees. God bless you all! Because Clare was NOT a fan and screamed and squirmed like crazy. We left with some interesting news, which I’ll have to write more about later, but we both survived. Till next time at least!


And finally, some neat news! I’m now the Recipe Contributor for the wonderful website, The Young Catholic Woman! I’m beyond excited to be part of the team for a website that I personally enjoy and support. I’ll have two recipes posted each month, many of which will probably be familiar from here, but I encourage you to check out the website for some great content. Even if you’re not a young Catholuc woman!


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