Our Beautiful News

Sorry that I’ve been pretty MIA around here lately. Besides the busy mom/wife life, having something going on practically every night lately, cookie decorating projects, and planning a blogger event in my free time, another thing has been taking up lots of my time.

….growing a baby.


That’s right, we’re having a(nother) baby! Kiddo #2 is due in May 2016 and we are thrilled. Plus apparently we’re consistent and are fans of May babies. 😉

As I’ve mentioned before, we struggled with infertility for years so had no idea how easy or hard it’d be to get pregnant again. Well it looks like that laparoscopic surgery worked wonders in our case, because this time around, we did nothing to make it happen. Like, no drugs or anything. Truly miraculous!

We got the positive pregnancy test on Labor Day. I waited a little longer than I usually would to take the test just because I halfway thought my body was doing some final adjusting after I completely stopped nursing. Little did I know, my body was adjusting to something else!

big sis

It was a blast telling our family. We got a “Big Sister” shirt for Clare and used that to break the news as we got together with both sides of the family last weekend. It’s so wonderful having a loving and supportive family who are beyond excited about our growing family.

Unfortunately this time around, I’ve had some morning sickness. Blah. Not to the point of throwing up (thankfully!) but just that lingering nausea and overall ickiness that has been lasting till about noon. No fun, but I’m hanging in there. And any morning sickness tips are very welcome in the comments.


We had our first appointment last Friday down in Austin since they’re currently monitoring my progesterone levels. I do have to take a supplement for now but thankfully my levels aren’t quite as low as last time around. Now I’m working on finding a new birth center since we’ve moved. Luckily, there are several in our area to choose from, so we just have to find the right fit.

Please pray for us and that baby and I are healthy during this pregnancy. Know that yall will be in my prayers as well, especially those who are struggling with infertility. It still feels bizarre that I’m at this point after the many years of wondering if we’d ever get here! But as my buddy St. Padre Pio always said, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.”


6 thoughts on “Our Beautiful News

  1. Becky, I only know you through CWBS, but I am completely thrilled for you! Second babies are such a blessing because you have a wonderful new baby and you get the joy of seeing your little one become a big sister. I will pray for you and for you nausea. I’ve definitely been there.

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