Monday Morsels #20

Hi everyone! Hope that yall have been well and having a lovely month of October. Things have been just as busy around here as always but life is good. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to lately:


I was SO excited that we were able to squeeze in a family trip to the State Fair of Texas. I hadn’t been in forever and was super (overly) giddy to go. Thankfully we went on a beautiful day and enjoyed some treats like classic Fletcher’s corndogs and a so good/so bad fried Snickers bar. YUM.

state fair

Clare had a blast and enjoyed all the people watching and tasting some new foods. She wasn’t a huge fan of the animal area, at least not this year. We savored some A/C and looked at all sorts of vehicles at the Auto Show. We may have taken some notes for whenever we buy our future family friendly (aka: large) vehicle. Clare loved climbing in the cars as you can tell. We got to see the famous new Big Tex (RIP old Big Tex – such a tragedy) but I couldn’t help but think that he was smaller than I remembered. Probably because I was a lot smaller last time, haha.


We were able to attend the beautiful baptism of our friends’ little girl. I know they were overjoyed not only about the baptism, but just having their sweet girl in general. They were another couple that waited patiently for a little one and their prayers were answered. Baptisms are always so amazing to attend, seeing someone, whether young or old, become an official child of God. Congrats to J, R, and baby G!

family time

If you remember, this summer, Jason was supposed to visit Poland for a World Youth Day familiarization tour but that unfortunately didn’t work out. Well, he was able to reschedule and went overseas two weeks ago! He had a wonderful time and got to see and learn a ton that will help our group next summer. While he was there, us girls had some fun extra time with family. We visited my mother-in-law at work on the way out to my parents house where we stayed for a few days. Clare had a blast playing with baby dolls and is such a sweet little mama to them. Good practice for big sister! Also while we were there, we got to go visit my grandmother, enjoy a little shopping time, play outside a lot, visit my mom at work too, and just spent some great extra family time together at home. Plus as usual, it made Jason’s time away fly by!


After a tour and consultation, we picked a birth center for baby #2 and I absolutely love it already. We had our first appointment last week and everything looks great. Baby has grown so much in the last month and is a fully formed fig sized kiddo. I’m now 11 weeks along and am feeling MUCH better, thank God! Plus, I now definitely believe what they say about showing sooner with your second child. I’m still at that weird stage where I look like I’ve gained some tummy weight but am not obviously pregnant to the average Joe. Gotta love it.


Finally, I’ve spend the last several months co-coordinating a blogging event for the Catholic Women Blogging Network of Texas. We were all set to meet down in Fredericksburg this past weekend and then…Hurricane Patricia got in the way. I had my bags packed and all the event supplies ready to go when we realized on Friday morning just how bad the storms were supposed to be throughout the state. After some quick prayer and discernment, we decided to sadly cancel that weekend’s events and plan to reschedule for the spring. It was such a bummer after all the hard work we’ve put into the plans, but we truly felt it was the best decision. And that just means our spring event will have to be extra awesome!


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