Monday Morsels #21

Hi everyone. Phew – I know I say it every time but life. has. been. busy. Sorry for still being a slacker blogger but I honestly hope to pick back up in the next few weeks and give you more than a monthly photo/story dump and more excuses. Regardless, here’s some of what we’ve been up to the last few weeks!


My equally busy husband had a big diocesan event a few weeks ago and thankfully missed the gross weather we had that weekend. The Dallas and Fort Worth diocese joined together and had an awesome World Youth Day North Texas gathering with mass, inflatable games, food trucks, and a concert at the end of the evening. Clare and I were able to join them for the concert which featured some guy named Matt Maher as the headliner. Totally kidding, I was way excited to see him perform again! He put on a great show as always and the youth had a blast. Clare was jamming to the music and loved the people watching opportunity too.


I’ll share much more about this in a separate post, but Jason and I went on a much needed vacation to Shiner, TX. It was just what we needed – lots of rest, relaxation, and wonderful husband/wife time together. We walked to the brewery each day (yay for small towns!), were able to sit and chat with Jimmy the brewmaster, and also got a behind the scenes tour of their current renovations and additions. I can’t wait to share more about our time away, so stay tuned!


Our family got to see and venerate the relics of St. Maria Goretti during their recent stop in Dallas. The lines were long (which is a good problem!) so we had to wait for about 2 hours but luckily had good company and it moved along quickly. I’ve been able to see many relics in my lifetime but this was such a powerful and special experience having her here on our home turf. Also, Jason and I were married at St. Maria Goretti parish so she has a special place in our hearts and we made sure to have our wedding rings blessed. See this site for more info on the tour and info about this amazing young saint who even in her death, showed great virtue, holiness, and mercy. St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!


We took a quick trip down to Austin last week for the John Paul II Life Center’s benefit dinner. Thank you Kimberly for the gracious invite! It was a lovely event with a delicious dinner, nice company, and the vibrant Fr. Mike Schmitz as the main speaker. I knew that we’d be getting a shout out due to their video project I’d helped with during the summer but we were also featured in the program which was a funny surprise. We drove back home that evening which made for a super late night but it was completely worth it!


A big part of my busyness is due to some cookie decorating projects I’ve taken on. My latest order was for a 50th anniversary party that my friend planned for for her parents. These cookies were SO fun to make – the top part is their family brand which is just downright cool and I got to finally experiment with decorating luster dust to give the big 5-0 treats some extra pizazz. I have a Thanksgiving cookie set in the works for later this month and now have a big order that came in for this week. This has turned into quite the fun side business for this stay-at-home mama and I recently made a Facebook page for my creations. Next up are business cards which makes me feel so legit. Feel free to follow the page if you’d like to stay up to date on my sweet treats!


This past weekend Jason led the annual Lock-in for Life for the youth in our diocese. They had a great turn out and a fun sleep deprived night from what I heard. Clare and I stopped by for a bit because I got to volunteer for the live sonogram! Which is awesome because I did the same thing two years ago with the same doctor when I was pregnant with Clare. The teens were fascinated and baby was very photogenic and active for them. And even though I’m only 14ish weeks along, doctor had a good guess about whether baby is a boy or girl. But we’re gonna keep that detail to ourselves till we know for sure. So sorry!

In other news in which I forgot to take pictures: I had my BFF over for a play date and got to see my darling goddaughter. I had some family visit from Minnesota that I hadn’t seen in years and we had a fun family shindig. And Jason and I (plus Clare a little) helped with a video project for the NaPro clinic that’s in the works for the DFW area, Whole Life Authentic Care. Can’t wait to see how it turns out and share this with yall!


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