Hi, I’m Becky! Welcome to Vita Dulcis! Here are some factoids about me:

I love to bake and cook. But mostly bake, to be honest. And mostly dessert, if we’re going to be super honest. I’m self/family/internet taught and am always trying out new recipes that you’ll see around here.

I’m a Catholic convert and love my faith. I’m also thankful for my Lutheran upbringing and the love for Jesus and Scripture it instilled in me.

I married an amazing and holy man named Jason in October 2008. He’s an awesome husband, father, and definitely helps me get to heaven. Love you darling!

We were blessed with our firstborn, Clare, in May 2014 and our newest addition, Catherine, in May 2016. After many years of infertility, we thank God for the miracle of their lives and the joy that they have brought us.

I somewhat recently became a stay at home mama and while it’s definitely a different type of work, I love it. I also have a home based cookie decorating business that’s my creative outlet and help bring home some bacon bits for the family.

I’m a Texan, born and raised. Even though I don’t own cowboy boots and hate sweet tea, I love the state (don’t we all?) but definitely still embrace my northern roots. Shout out to Wisconsin & Minnesota!

Some other things that I love are iced mochas, British period pieces, white daisies, Shiner beer, mason jars, and traveling.


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