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It’s giveaway time, woohoo!! My goal of finally reaching 100 Facebook followers has been met so to celebrate and say thank you, I’m giving away a $15 Amazon gift card!

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White Eyes


Everything about a baby is so beautiful – from their tiny fingers and toes to smiles and nose. But one thing I’ve been so enamored with lately is my sweet baby’s eyes. Sure they’re big and brown and have so much expression, but something that Jason pointed out has really stuck with me. The whites of Clare’s eyes are just so…white! They don’t yet have the veins or spots that us old folks have gained over the years.

I’ve reflected on this fact for a while and thought about just how pure her little eyes truly are. They haven’t witnessed the true hurt, pain, and sin that’s in the world. They haven’t been strained from staring at a screen for too long or studying all night. The most scandalous thing she’s seen is her parents smooching. Oh how I wish it could stay that way.

But little girl, I know that you’re going to see plenty soon enough. And I know that I can’t shelter you from all that’s bad in the world. You’re going to see tears and heartache. You’re going to see men and women disrespecting the dignity of others and not living out theirs in full. You’re going to see war and violence on the news. You’re even going to see your own parents fall short in our vocation as husband and wife and as your parents.

Know that I promise to lead you in the right direction – to teach you what is good, right, and holy. I will do my best but ultimately it is the Lord who will be the lamp to your feet and the light to your path. I pray that you follow Him. When you witness those atrocities that are allowed in the world – follow Him. When you’re tempted to view things that are unholy – follow Him. When you have tears in your eyes someday – follow Him.

Keep those beautiful eyes on Him, baby girl. He makes all things new and won’t lead you astray. This I can assure you.

The Cookie Challenge


To make a long story short, earlier this year, I delivered some surprise cookies to my friend at work for her birthday. She shared them with her coworkers at the UNT Autism Center and they loved them. (yay!) Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when the center was planning their 2 year anniversary event and asked if I could make some special decorated cookies for it! They wanted some #2 cookies in the UNT colors and some puzzle piece cookies, the symbol for autism, in red, blue, and yellow.

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What’s In A Name?

A huge thanks to those who checked out my blog on opening day and hi to any former Beckster’s Lab readers – I appreciate yall and hope you stick around!

First I wanted to give a little blogging history so you know where I’m coming from. About 5 years ago I became hooked on food blogs during the time I really started discovering my love for baking and cooking and decided I’d start my own blog to follow my progression in the kitchen. It was called Beckster’s Laboratory because of my nickname Beckster and the fact that the kitchen was my new laboratory to experiment and learn in.

And of course, I liked the punny play on words with the 90’s cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory. (Did anyone else use to watch that show all the time?)


Whether picking the name that your child will have for the rest of their life or choosing a brand name that your product or organization will be identified with – names are important! Something I wanted to mention before diving into other content was my new blog name. Some might be wondering why I chose it and what the heck it even means.

I knew that I wanted to focus on three main subjects: food, faith, and family. The hard part was coming up with a name that embodied these themes and had a special meaning for me too. I really like the Latin word “dulcis”  which means sweet. In fact, if I am ever to open a bake shop (a lofty future dream) that’s what I’d name it. After brainstorming and running with that word, I thought of how it could apply to more than just sugary baked goods. Sure cupcakes are sweet. But life is also sweet. Though it can have it’s bitter and unsavory moments too, family, friends, and faith add so much sweetness and goodness to life. So that’s how I came to love the simple name “Vita Dulcis”, which means “Sweet Life”.

Plus, I just like Latin and singing the Salve Regina which is how I first came to know and love the word “dulcis”!

Also, I’ve been asked why I felt the need to create a whole new blog instead of just revamping Beckster’s Laboratory. To be honest, it just didn’t feel right. Beckster’s Lab was meant to be a food blog and I wanted to keep the integrity of that for readers. I remember after visiting Italy last year, I wanted to write all about things like the adventures we had and the beautiful churches we saw. But writing about anything other than the awesome food we ate felt weird in that context. While some people might have cared about those other things and sure, it could’ve been used in ways to evangelize, it just didn’t feel like the right move. I’ve seen food bloggers get huge backlash for their blogs turning into more of a mom blog or a faith blog as they progress because that’s not what followers signed up for. While I don’t know if that would’ve really happened with Beckster’s Lab, I really just wanted a fresh start with a new name and an environment where I could write about anything I wanted.

So here I am, fresh and ready to go. What’s in a name? This blog by any other name wouldn’t be as sweet! (see what I did there?) 🙂

Best Intentions

Wow, where do I start? I guess first I should say “Hi! My name is Becky and welcome to my blog!” This site has been a while in the making and I’m so glad it’s finally come together. I’m not a total newbie to blogging, in fact, I’ve been a food blogger for about 4 years and love it! You might be wondering why I decided to change something that wasn’t broken. Sure I still love playing in the kitchen, but there’s a lot more to my life than that. My husband and I just had our first child so we are deep in the new adventures of parenthood. I’m also passionate about my faith and as a Catholic convert, have a special perspective on religion that I want to share more. I thought of creating a totally new blog many months ago but really waffled over it – my issue boiled down to intentions.

My worry was that I had the wrong intentions. There are so many times that I read certain bloggers posts and just want to be BFFs with the authors and their families. I didn’t want to be a copycat, just trying to tag along with the cool bloggers that I admire. But after much deliberation and prayer, I recognized that my intentions were in the right place. I don’t care if this blog is crazy successful with thousands of hits each day. I don’t care if other bloggers recognize me. While those things are great, I realized that this blog is ultimately for me. I want to still have a place where I can share yummy recipes. I want to document the joys and struggles of motherhood. I want to reflect on my faith and hopefully let it uplift others in the process.

So with the best of intentions, welcome and thanks for visiting day one of Vita Dulcis!

God bless+