Catching Up

Well hello there! Long time no blog and for that I apologize. Or at least wonder where the last two months have gone because I know I wrote more recently than that…right? Oops, wrong.

I should write a bunch of detailed posts about what we’ve been up to lately but I’m still getting my gears grinding so a haphazard update with a few pics will have to do. Here goes nothing!


grandma bonnie.jpg

We had my grandmother’s memorial in Dallas and it was beautiful. I was surprisingly not as emotional as I’d expected, partly because I had my hands full with the kids I’m sure. But also I think because I had such closure with getting to say goodbye to her, had no regrets about the time we had together along with visiting her many times while her health was starting to decline, and of course knowing that she’s with Jesus now. All eight of her kids were able to be there so it made for quite a fun family reunion afterwards. Grandma Bonnie, I miss you dearly but know that I’ll see you again soon enough.



On a more upbeat and unexpected note, Jason and I got to attend the Coldplay concert when they came to DFW. Long story short…I called and won a little Coldplay prize pack on the radio and was then entered into the drawing for the grand prize tickets plus a meet & greet with the band. I stopped by the station office to get my guaranteed prize but while I was there, found out that I was the grand prize winner for the show the next night! Mind blown. They proceeded to whisk me (and baby Catherine) away to their studio upstairs to record my “live” reaction and a little promo spot. Thankfully I was able to get help from family to watch the girls while Jason and I enjoyed a last minute date night and boy was it one for the books! We arrived at AT&T Stadium and got a full tour of the facilities by the band manager, were able to go on stage, ate a delicious dinner with the tour crew (including Chris Martin, whaaaat!?), had a quick meet & greet with the whole band, then enjoyed a truly amazing performance. Is this real life??? What an amazing night it was. I’m glad I made that one impromptu phone call while at a red light on the way to Hobby Lobby!



Speaking of hobbies…there’s one thing (besides married life and the kiddos) that’s consumed my life as of late. Cookies y’all. My life is overflowing with cookies. I could post a bazillion photos of the projects I’ve done lately but will give you one quick photo collage instead. (Lots of photos can be found on my cookie FB page if you’re curious!) Business is definitely booming which has made life crazy but amazing. It’s been a balancing act and learning experience for sure, figuring out how to prioritize with my other obligations and responsibilities but I’m loving it. Minus the late nights, but that’s what coffee is for right? And I have a baby anyways, so what’s a little extra sleep deprivation a few nights a week? PS: I’m thankful for moms and word of mouth, because kids birthday parties have apparently become my market lately!



Jason and I were able to attend the Encounter Young Adult Conference down near Houston a few weeks ago. Clare stayed with family while Catherine tagged along with us and it was a truly beautiful and enriching weekend full of great speakers and break out sessions plus lots of time for fellowship and the ever important Sacraments too. I saw lots of familiar young adult faces and even got to finally meet an online friend in person. (hi Andrea!) All in all, it was a much needed getaway to recharge my spiritual batteries. Props to Steubenville and Adore Ministries for hosting this great event!



Something that Jason and I have felt called to pursue and finally took the plunge to start is a weekly “family dinner”. We knew about it from friends in Houston who established the concept a while back in their area where basically you give an open invitation to folks (usually it’s a young adult/family scene) to come over one night a week for dinner. The host family provides the main dish and everyone that comes brings a side or dessert. Come if you can, no need to RSVP, and bring the whole family plus other friends you think would like to attend. We really wanted to build community and friendships in our area including our actual neighbors in the neighborhood. So if you’re ever in Fort Worth on a Friday night and want to join, just let me know! (PS: that photo isn’t at our house, but at a family dinner in Houston we attended recently! Maybe someday our backyard will be that awesome. 😉 )



Lastly, today is our 8th wedding anniversary! My how time flies. I could’ve swore it was just last month that I was 21 and saying “I do”. Jason has a surprise dinner out planned for tonight while my MIL watches the girls, so I’m super pumped for that. Love you Jason – here’s to many many many more!



Other things we’ve been up to but I don’t want to make this a novel include: Jason’s 31st Birthday, lots of play dates and story time at the library, painting our guest bathroom and updating our front and back garden beds, and us girls going to the Luke’s Diner promo event for the upcoming Gilmore Girls episodes. Life has surely been busy but beautiful!




Monday Morsels #18

Hey everyone – hope you’re ready for a massive photo and story dump! I didn’t realize it’d been so long since my last update about what we’ve been up to lately and I have lots of adventures to share. So here goes nothing!

baby sprinkle

At the beginning of August, I hosted a baby “sprinkle” for my dear friend who was expecting her second kiddo and first girl. It was a casual and super fun party with just a bunch of girlfriends (and a few munchkins) enjoying good company, yummy food, and lots of interesting baby talk. And of course I always look for a reason to work on my cookie decorating skills so made some pink onesie cookies as party favors. Then…


…two weeks later, baby girl decided to come into the world a little early! We had that party just in the nick of time. Sweet little Monica Marie is such a doll, mom is healthy and joyful, and their whole family is just thrilled and totally in love with that beautiful little one. Also, I have the amazing privilege of being Monica’s godmother (so exciting!) which makes it all just extra special. Yay for babies! I may or may not have some baby fever. Ok, I totally do.

cookie care package

Jason was out of town for a few days earlier this month (busy summer for him!) so Clare and I spent some extra time with my family once again. Gotta love having a mom on summer break! Plus, my grandma was over at their house too, so needless to say, we all enjoyed the girl time together. While I was there and had a little free time, I worked on yet another cookie decorating project. I’d been wanting to send a care package to my older brother who recently moved so made him a variety of cookies that made me think of him. The end result was…a cat, dinosaurs, and Texas. Kind of eclectic but it was fun to try some new shapes. Plus it was my first time shipping these kinds of cookies and luckily they all made it there in one piece!

tx tech grad

Then we traveled out to Lubbock for my brother-in-law’s graduation from Texas Tech. Congrats again, Charlie! We had a fun 5 hour road trip and Clare was such a trooper. I’m so thankful that she’s a good little traveler! It was a quick trip – there on Friday night and back home early Saturday afternoon after a delicious celebratory BBQ lunch at The Arrogant Texan. But regardless, it was great and I’m so glad we got to be there to support him. Plus, my brother and sister-in-law moved back to our area after the graduation so it’s very exciting to have them close again!


I’d been invited a while back to join a ladies book club but never could find the time to commit to reading the whole book and attending the gatherings. But this past time around, I made a point to finally make it happen and am SO glad that I did! We meet once a month or so at a cute cafe and get to enjoy some delicious coffee, good conversation, and much needed adult interaction. The last book we read was “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell. I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend it if you’re into British lit that’s reminiscent of Jane Austen and company.


This past weekend, we had our godson over for a sleepover and it was a blast. It was fun to have a taste of what it’d be like to have more than one kiddo in the house. Clare definitely enjoyed it and tried to keep up with him the whole time. We had homemade pizza for dinner, walked to our neighborhood park for some play time, and had some popcorn and a short movie before bed. Then in the morning he’d requested blueberry muffins for breakfast, we watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” (which I loved!), and played some games before it was time for lunch and to head home already. It was so nice to do something special and get that extra time with him. Godparents, I encourage you to spend time with your godchildren if/when you’re able to and make some memories! Totally worth it.


Last but not least, I got to attend a Dierks Bentley concert with some of my fabulous ladies in law. My aunt, mother, and sister (in law) and I had a great time on a beautiful and thankfully breezy Texas night with our lawn seats. We had some hilarious moments like getting stuck with a group of intoxicated lawn dancers right in front of us but it was a wonderful time full of great music including Maddie and Tae, Kip Moore, and the headliner Dierks Bentley. All my years of hearing country music on the radio at work sure paid off, because I knew the majority of songs which sure made it even more fun!