30 While 30

30 while 30.jpg

Well, I just turned 30. It was a simple but sweet celebration filled with family time, Shiner beer, and my mom’s classic strawberry shortcake. Hello new decade, so long 20’s. You’ve been real. You’ve been great. You’ve been really great. (name that movie, anyone?)

I’ve seen a lot of folks make lists of goals “30 by 30” style but 29 year old Becky couldn’t get that together in time. So I’ve decided to make my own list of 30 things I want to do while 30. Sharing this will hopefully help keep me accountable and I’ll post updates along the way (maybe monthly?), marking things off the list as I go. This year is going to rock, I can already tell – can’t wait to share it with yall!

1. Read (at least) 5 new books

2. Run a 5k again

3. Travel to new places, near and far

4. Meet my cookie business profit goal for the year

5. Expand my garden in the backyard

6. Donate to some charities/causes that I feel passionately about

7. Try some new cocktails (including some classics that I’ve never tasted)

8. Lose 30+ lbs from birth weight

9. Learn how to make macarons (I tried once and failed miserably!)

10. Make new friends and keep the old

11. Host the 12th night (Epiphany) party that I’ve wanted to for years

12. Finally try out my Italian stovetop espresso maker

13. Get a new pair of glasses

14. Donate 100+ ounces of milk to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North TX

15. Write my conversion story

16. Visit 2 breweries

17. Read the entire Old Testament

18. Learn to make gumbo & jambalaya

19. Pray 5 novenas

20. Learn more about how to do makeup – maybe try to rock some bold lipstick?

21. Plan a super cute 2017 birthday party for my May babies

22. Write 12 handwritten letters to friends/family

23. Learn how to do at least one cute braid hairstyle

24. Go somewhere fun with my mom

25. Watch a few classic movies that I’ve never seen

26. Clean out my closet & dresser

27. Do something special for local police/firefighters as a thank you

28. Learn how to make fresh pasta

29. Plan a fun surprise date night for me and Jason

30. Do 6 random acts of cookie kindness

And who knows what else will be in store along the way? I look forward to finding out!


The Yearly Summit

the yearly summit

Happy 2016! Hard to believe it’s already a new year but ready or not, here we are.

Now, I’m not one to make massive resolutions but definitely have some things in the faith, health, and personal realm that I want to improve upon this year and onward. I did want to share one thing that my husband and I have done for the last few years that’s been very helpful. We picked up the idea from our Uncle and Aunt up in Virginia while we lived with them for a short time. Basically, at the beginning of each year, we sit down and have a meeting. Sounds thrilling, I know. It’s much more fun if you give it a cool name. Ours has been dubbed the “Spoolstra Summit”.

See? More awesome already.

We try to do it on New Year’s Day but that varies a bit if needed. Jason and I will usually get some donuts that morning and then we’ll sit at the kitchen table to begin. Or hey, you can even make it a date and go out to a local coffee shop or restaurant. Going in, we will each have some ideas prepared and if we’re really on top of things, even have detailed notes ready to go. Simply put, we discuss our goals for the new year and reflect a little on the year that has passed. You can talk about your financial, business, spiritual, and physical goals or honestly, whatever your heart desires. We also look at where we currently are financially and then discuss our budget for the upcoming year. Each family is different so definitely tweak it for your own situation and life!

While all the goals might not be met or could even change as you go along throughout the year, it’s incredibly helpful to just sit down together, share your aspirations, and get on the same page moving forward into the new year. If you and your spouse love this annual meet up, you could even make it a monthly thing to better communicate and track your progress along the way. Plus, it’s awesome to look back at your notes from the years before and see how far you’ve come. I remember a few years ago our list included things like saving for a house (currently homeowners), moving forward with fertility testing/treatments (now have a toddler and one on the way), and expanding my baking skills (now have a cookie decorating business).

So hey, even if this isn’t something that ends up working for you year after year, I encourage you to at least give it a try once. What harm can come from discussing your goals and future with your spouse?

I hope and pray that all of you have a wonderful 2016 and that your families and goals are blessed along the way. Let’s see how far we’ve come when 2017 rolls around!

Photo cred: pexels.com